Contact: Barcelona Voluntaria C/ Pelai, 44 2 08001 Barcelona tel. +34 93 412 44 93fax. +34 93 412 07 61

About Us

Barcelona Voluntaria, an association of and for young people

In the year 1999 a group of young people decided to organise themselves in order to promote human values linked to the social compromise, like solidarity, tolerance, interculturality and empathy, as well as the voluntary, associative and citizen participation spirit among Catalan and European youth.

The eleven active members of Barcelona Voluntaria want a more just, egalitarian, non-discriminatory society characterized by solidarity. We are convinced that youth has a great potential in making this world a nicer place for everybody.

In fact, after three years in permanent contact with young people from all over Europe and the Mediterranean area, we have had the opportunity to state that youth is not only culture of “botellón” (drinking cheap alcohol in the streets at night), juvenile violence and drugs. It is more, and we are convinced that if the mass media were to inform on the activities of solidarity in which many young people participate on a daily basis in organizations and associations, the negative image of youth would change and, by consequence, more youngsters would be taken to participate in the associative world.

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