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Barcelona Voluntaria, an association of and for young people.

In the year 1999 a group of young people decided to organise themselves in order to promote human values linked to the social compromise, like solidarity, tolerance, interculturality and empathy, as well as the voluntary, associative and citizen participation spirit among Catalan and European youth.

The eleven active members of Barcelona Voluntaria want a more just, egalitarian, non-discriminatory society characterized by solidarity. We are convinced that youth has a great potential in making this world a nicer place for everybody.

In fact, after three years in permanent contact with young people from all over Europe and the Mediterranean area, we have had the opportunity to state that youth is not only culture of "botellón" (drinking cheap alcohol in the streets at night), juvenile violence and drugs. It is more, and we are convinced that if the mass media were to inform on the activities of solidarity in which many young people participate on a daily basis in organizations and associations, the negative image of youth would change and, by consequence, more youngsters would be taken to participate in the associative world.

We are member of:
o La Federació Catalana del Voluntariat Social (the Catalan Federation of Social Voluntary Work)
o El Consell de la Juventut de Barcelona (the Barcelona Youth Council)
o The Euromediterranean Networks:
o "Youth Mobility for Euro-mediterranean Sustainability"
o "Declaració de Tyr" (the Tyr Declaration)


Our objectives:

o Promotion of solidarity, voluntary work and interculturality
o Fight against xenophobia and social exclusion
o Dynamization of the associative network
o Internationalization of the associative movement
o Promotion of the Mediterranean and European identity
o To open up Catalunya to Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean arch, Europe and Latin America
o To promote youth mobility
o To promote and to offer to youth, primarily to disfavoured youth, a nonformal education


Barcelona Voluntaria
C/ Pelai, 44 2
08001 Barcelona

tel. +34 93 412 44 93
fax. +34 93 412 07 61


Barcelona Voluntaria promotes participation of European and Mediterranean youth in the European Voluntary Service (EVS)
This action allows a young person to perform a voluntary task in another country in several scopes: environment, art, culture, animation with children, young people or adults, historical patrimony, sports, free time activities, etc.

These volunteers destine their time to collaborate with the hosting organization in a project in favor of the local community (without replacing any existing work) in exchange for putting in practice aptitudes, acquiring cultural and social capital and constructing their own future.

The objective of the European Voluntary Service is to provide a nonformal education to young people between 18 and 25 years. Caracteristic of this Program are the conditions the European Union offers.

Are covered:

- the expenses of the trip.
- the expenses of lodging and meals during the whole project (three weeks up to 1 year).
- the volunteer monthly receives a fixed amount of pocket money
- AXA Health Insurance
- free language classes in the hosting country.

There are two modalities:

Long term project: between 6 and 12 months

Short term project: between 3 weeks and 6 months (only for disfavoured youngsters)

At the end of the project, the volunteer receives a certificate confirming his or her EVS in a foreign association during a certain period of time.

In order to present a EVS project, these three agents must get in contact:

The volunteer: has to be between 18 and 25 years old.

The sending organisation: is in charge of the preparation, the following during the project, the visas and the insurances and previous formation of the volunteer before he or she marches.

The hosting organisation: has to help the volunteer to adapt to the tasks according to his or her capacities, to offer a personal support and to assign a tutor to him or her, and has to take care of the linguistic formation, lodging, meals, local transport, pocket money, visa, etc.

You can consult the EVS projects in the EVS database at


Youth Exchange


Youth for Europe

This action facilitates the participation of groups of young people in transnational interchanges within the Community, with the associated countries or third countries. It offers to young people the opportunity to discover the European reality in its diversity and to open themselves to other environments.

Specific Objectives

- To give support to the personal development and the formative process of the youngsters by means of their active participation in all the phases of an interchange.
- To stimulate the understanding of the social, cultural and economic life of other countries by means of the direct contact with the citizens and to favor the intercultural learning.
- To offer to the young people the opportunity to establish relations of cooperation and friendship between groups of different states and to contribute to the promotion of the equality of opportunities.

What are the "Youth for Europe" interchanges?

These are international projects in which the young participants work around a subject and are the protagonists of the 3 phases of the interchange: the preparation, the encounter of the groups of young people and the evaluation.

Throughout the entire project of interchange, but specially during the activity, the groups of young people of the different countries have the opportunity to share their experiences, to appreciate the similarities and the differences of the diverse cultures and to fight the negative prejudices.

Who can participate?


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